Reflexology: A natural detox ?

January 2020!, and it seems a time where much emphasis is on detoxifying our bodies. If you overindulged during the festive period – made resolutions for a new healthy you – though that hasn’t quite materialised like you’d thought then here’s why a reflexology treatment may help get you back on track.

The 2 main organs particularly important for detoxification are the liver and kidneys. (Followed by the lungs, skin and digestive tract).
Within reflexology, tapping into the lymphatic system has aim to significantly improve circulation which may promote detoxification as well as weight loss.
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fiona cowie reflexology edinburgh

Poor lymph circulation may cause unwanted water retention due to the lymph flow “bottling up” which results in a bloated or swollen appearance.
By stimulating the lymphatic system through reflexology techniques, harmful toxins may be flushed from the body as well as aiding the recovery of any tired or sluggish feelings.

fionacowie reflexology edinburgh

After a “detox specific treatment” clients have claimed to feel rejuvenated and cleansed as well as finding a greater sense of clarity and well being.
Therefore reflexology may be an excellent way to cleanse your system naturally whilst afterwards of course drinking lots of water!


Fiona Cowie
Clinical Reflexologist in Edinburgh

Baby reflexology

I’ve often been asked by my ‘mum’ friends whether reflexology could benefit their baby and have enjoyed sharing tips to mums on how with use of reflexology common symptoms that many babies experience can be relieved. Through providing your baby with some gentle reflexology to the feet and toes teething, colic, constipation, colds and respiratory conditions may be alleviated.
Whether your baby, in fact, experiences none or many of these conditions, they will most definitely benefit from the comforting touch reflexology can bring as was evident when my friend Claire brought her little boy Flynn for a treatment.

baby foot massage and reflexology in edinburgh by fiona cowie

Clutching Peter Rabbit for support, Flynn looked a little anxious on arrival and more so when I removed his socks. The treatment began (and in Claire’s words) he was completely mesmerised by what I was doing to his little toes and feet. Claire had come to the session prepared with his favourite rice cakes at hand, fully expecting (as he now crawls) to have had enough after 5minutes or even worse scream and cry.
Rice cakes were saved as Flynn sat for a full half hour just watching. A particular pleasing point for a baby is the solar plexus. See pic below :

fiona cowie reflexologist in edinburgh. Foot massage and reflexology for babies

When I connected with Flynn’s solar plexus, I could tell he instantly felt it as his eyes appeared to say “what did you just do”
The solar plexus is a wonderful reflex (and also my personal favourite). In babies, it may promote calm and reassurance therefore ideal to ease crying and upset babies. Once located this is something that all mums can use to connect, calm and reassure their baby.
If you have found this article interesting I would like to offer mums to BYOB (of course baby)! to Santosa and learn for yourself these specific techniques to then apply at home or whenever your baby requires.

reflexology and foot massage for babies in edinburgh . By fiona cowie clinical reflexologist
Each session will be a small group of 4 mums and babies in order to spend sufficient time with each on an individual basis.
The session will last for 1 1/4 hrs at a cost of £15. Dates and times are flexible. For further information and to book your slot please contact me here,  by phone 07854786513 or by mail
you can also read Claire’s blog here: Style Travel Loves

I look forward to meeting you!

Ps: All Dads Welcome! I’m aware I’ve referred to mums throughout this article, this is purely because I’ve only ever been asked by mums so would be fantastic to see some Dads too!

Fiona Cowie
Clinical Reflexologist in Edinburgh

Reflexology and weight loss

reflexology treatment for weigh loss

While maintaining a moderate nutritionally fuelled diet and incorporating physical activity is key to weight loss, did you also know that reflexology treatments may help the process.
Often those who have the desire or medical need to loose weight struggle with the initial changes in lifestyle, often lacking energy, feeling lethargic or sometimes even depressed. For an initial “kick start” to weight loss, reflexology may help address this by helping you feel energised, balanced and focused from the onset.
Making lifestyle changes can be stressful as often we struggle against unhealthy learned behaviours. Many people overeat when they are stressed, therefore by removing some of the anxiety and regulating hormones lessens the physical urge to eat.

reflexology weight loss
Working on the endocrine glands, reflexology balances your hormones and helps calm the body’s reactions to stress.
Pressure points on your feet may be used to trigger a variety of responses within the body that may be conducive to weight loss. For example:

  • Spleen reflex: stimulation of this reflex may reduce hunger pangs.
  • Stomach and pancreas reflexes: allow the body to absorb more nutrients therefore although eating less food, maximum nutritional value is retrieved.
  • Endocrine gland reflexes: (thyroid, pituitary, adrenals)
    Balanced secretion of hormones results in less stress in the body, allowing for a healthy eating plan easier to maintain and follow.
  • Gallbladder reflex: storing bile the gallbladder continually secretes digestive fluid. Bile emulsifies fats of partially digested food thus leading to weight loss.

health reflexology


And so, to supplement your new weight loss programme, reflexology treatments may be a pleasurable option to assist and help you achieve and succeed in meeting your desired goal!

Fiona Cowie
Clinical Reflexologist in Edinburgh


What is Reflexology? My article on Santosa Blog.

My recent article on the new blog of Santosa explains what reflexology is ? How it works ? and benefits it may have to our well-being.

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Fiona Cowie
Clinical Reflexologist in Edinburgh

World Reflexology Week – 3 Day PROMOTION!

Beginning Monday this week it has been “world reflexology week” which has aim to promote reflexology and increase worldwide public awareness and global awareness begins at local level!!
Therefore, I would like to offer you to book a reflexology treatment between now and the 24th for yourself (of course) and/or partner, friend, mother, relative, son or daughter at a cost of £25 each (normally £40) for a full hour’s session.

I look forward to meeting you! 🌸
ps treatments to be taken by 30/11/17


Fiona Cowie

Clinical Reflexologist in Edinburgh
S.N.H.S. Dip (Nutrition)
S.N.H.S. Dip (Herbalism)

Solar plexus – “the abdominal brain”

If I could choose a favourite reflex to ‘work’ then it would be the solar plexus and so to honour this powerful reflex I would like to dedicate this short article to this reflex point and explain why I feel it is so special.
Located in the upper part of the abdominal cavity, the solar plexus is a complex network of nerves. It is a personal power centre and is the largest autonomic nerve centre in the abdominal cavity. This great network of nerves branch out to all parts of the abdomen and controls many vital functions such as adrenal secretion and intestinal contraction. Due to this function the solar plexus is highly affected by stress and because of this sensitivity is often referred to as the ‘abdominal brain’.
By working on this reflex, stress, anxiety and nervousness may be alleviated and a sense of calm restored.

Fiona Cowie reflexology Edinburgh

At the beginning, middle and end of all my reflexology treatments, I ‘work’ the solar plexus reflexes for several minutes then release, occasionally with very little pressure.. just contact alone. I feel the connection and clients do too.
The intention of this is to promote optimum emotional wellbeing and allow the body to become more efficient in releasing any negative emotions, whether it be anger, resistance, sadness, fear and so forth..

Fiona Cowie reflexology Edinburgh

For me the solar plexus is one of the most important reflexes, not only a powerful point for deep relaxation and stress relief but also capable of balancing the body in its entirety. Once again explaining how beautifully reflexology may help support mind, body and soul.

Fiona Cowie

Clinical Reflexologist in Edinburgh
S.N.H.S. Dip (Nutrition)
S.N.H.S. Dip (Herbalism)

Reflexology Taster Sessions – Friday 8th September at Santosa in Edinburgh

For Stress Buster Friday this week at Santosa, I will be providing Reflexology Taster Sessions at an Introductory cost of £10!!

This is a great opportunity for you to experience reflexology and whether it’s the therapy for you. The sessions will consist of a brief consultation followed by a full 20minutes of treatment. Emphasis will be to create a deep sense of wellbeing and relaxation to start the weekend, however if you have a particular ailment you’d like me to focus on then the associated reflexes can also be incorporated. Examples of this are digestive or emotional imbalances, backache, headaches, migraines and so on……………….. If you’ve any questions around this then please don’t hesitate to contact me directly.
To book a slot on Friday (8th) contact Santosa directly on +44 (0)131 555 6255

I look forward to meeting you!

21 Albert Street, EH7 5LH Édimbourg
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Mini Reflexology for Sleep Issues

Did you know that providing yourself with a mini self reflexology session before bed may be a calming, soothing and effective way for you to naturally drift into sleep.
To begin massage your feet with a favourite oil (such as sleep inducing lavender). Massage both feet intuitively (you will know where your feet need the attention) whilst also reconnecting with your often forgotten feet and toes.
Once your feet feel more relaxed and you’ve flittered away the stresses of the day (as much as possible)! Connect with these 4 reflexology points that are commonly used by therapists to help with insomnia.

Reflexology for sleep issues

Reflexology for sleep issues

Brain – (big toe, reverse from nail) gently use your thumb in a caterpillar motion over this entire area to help still the mind and promote a sense of clarity

Neck – (base of big toe) our neck is often where we store tension therefore locate this area to release any tightness

Solar Plexus – (under the ball of foot in centre) pressing directly in this area for 30 seconds, release and repeat. Being our emotional centre, this movement may create an overwhelming sense of relaxation and peace.

Pineal gland – (outer side of big toe) controls our circadian rhythm or in other words our sleep cycle.

If you would like to read more on how reflexology may help when you have difficulty falling asleep the link below may also be of interest.
Sleep well!

Reflexology for sleep issues

Read More: What could be better than a deep, slumbersome and peaceful night’s sleep?


Fiona Cowie

Clinical Reflexologist in Edinburgh
S.N.H.S. Dip (Nutrition)
S.N.H.S. Dip (Herbalism)

reflexology for sleep issues

Fiona’s Health and Wellness ideas: Raw garlic ?

Garlic is known by many as a natural anti-biotic and health remedy used often to treat varying ailments.
It can be an extremely tasty addition to lots of cooked dishes and soups though for some to incorporate it in raw form within our diet is less appealing.
Garlic is thought to contain many medicinal purposes. It’s natural anti-biotic, anti-fungal and anti-viral properties may help guard against infection. Perhaps most commonly known is garlics perceived ability to strengthen and boost the immune system. In addition it may lower cholesterol levels and provide a great source of vitamin B6. (Key for a healthy immune system).

garlic boost the immune system

Raw garlic?

I include raw garlic into my diet almost daily since discovering many years ago cloves could be easily juiced just like fruits and vegetables and added to your favourite juices or smoothies.
Disadvantages are the obvious strong odour (luckily for me I live with a French man who appears oblivious to this)! and always seek advice from your GP before strongly incorporating raw garlic into your diet due to the potential interactions with some medications.
So many reasons (if you don’t already)! to incorporate and enjoy this wonderful root vegetable into your diet!

Garlic juicing for health



Fiona Cowie

Clinical Reflexologist in Edinburgh
S.N.H.S. Dip (Nutrition)
S.N.H.S. Dip (Herbalism)



Fiona’s Health and Wellness ideas: “Detox with Beetroot”

Beetroot is one of my most favourite vegetables and rarely a week will pass without me having incorporated it somewhere in my diet. Thought a powerful, superfood full of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, it is thought beetroot may :
. Boost stamina and endurance
. Fight inflammation
. Lower blood pressure
. Support detoxification
. Provide slow releasing energy
. Improve immune system
. Lower cholesterol
. Improve brain function

Beetroot and wellness

Personally I like to add beetroot in its raw form to salads and soups whenever possible , having become aware that not everyone shares a passion for beetroot an alternative solution to incorporate this wonderful  crimson purple vegetable into your diet is to juice or blend in a simple recipe such as :

2 beetroots
1 carrot
handful blueberries
I inch ginger
1/2 litre coconut water or plant based milk
Mint to garnish


Fiona Cowie
S.N.H.S. Dip (Nutrition)
Clinical Reflexologist in Edinburgh