Reflexology,and how does it work?

Far from traditional western medicine and its allopathic treatments, reflexology is based on the energy of the body and the body’s believed ability to self heal. The basis of traditional Chinese medicine is qi (or chi), this is the natural form of energy that inhabits our body, when it flows easily, it is thought to participate in the maintenance of health. Therefore when disorders such as inflammation or tension hinder its free circulation around the body, this is what is then believed to cause dis-ease.
In our Western culture our feet are often neglected and are rarely acknowledged they may play the key role to safeguard our health.
Within reflexology, our feet are a miniaturized representation of the human body, each nerve ending, also called a reflex zone, corresponds to an organ or part of the body.

here's an ancient foot map from India

Ancient Reflexology Foot Map

When an organ, muscle or body part functions incorrectly, energy is impeded, and this blockage is reflected on a specific point of the sole of the foot. The objective of reflexology is to detect, (via specific techniques and massage to the feet), the body’s tensions, release them and restore a healthy flow of energy circulation throughout the body. Within every session, each treatment becomes tailor-made to the client, as a holistic approach is used to restore homeostasis throughout the body as energy flow is restored.
The intention of reflexology is to treat the cause, and not only the symptom of the dis-ease alone. Therefore all treatments are customised, depending on what reflexes are prominent (“come up”) on the feet. Reflexology takes into account the feet in entirety and does not focus solely on the organs/parts that appear unbalanced though rather the entire surface and surrounding area of the feet. Reflexology sequences follow a complete “circuit”, that incorporates all major zones, organs, parts with aim, to restore the body completely as a whole organism. Throughout the sessions, toxins and impurities may be eliminated due to the renewed energy within the blood, lymphatic and energy system. Feelings of well-being and vitality may be achieved very quickly as may any pain gradually disperse.

Reflexology origins comes from Asia ( China, India, Thailand ... )

Origins of Reflexology

There are many common conditions and ailments that may benefit from a reflexology treatment and reduce symptoms and discomfort. Such as:

  • Toxin cleansing
  • Pain relief
  • Improved circulation
  • Enhanced sleep patterns
  • Reduction in tension headaches
  • Improved digestive disorders
  • Reduction in PMS symptoms
  • Reduction in high stress levels

Therefore, reflexology may restore the body back to homeostasis in a natural way. It is a wonderful, rejuvenating and restorative therapy with aim to increase energy, vitality and an overall sense of well being.
“Bring the feet to life and the body will heal” (Anon)

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