Could reflexology relieve your migraine ?

Migraines can be described as extreme headaches, even killer headaches by some, and along with the stabbing pain of a migraine comes often other negative side effects such as nausea or blurred vision. Within society today, migraines are perhaps one of the most prominent and common health concerns in adults as those who experience them can be prevented from doing the most basic day to day activities.

Within traditional Chinese medicine the cause of migraines and headaches can be explained through the flow of Qi. Qi is a word used to describe our internal life force. Similar to how our bodies have a circulation system for blood, we also have meridians (or pathways) throughout our bodies for energy to flow. Asian culture believes that when energy is not flowing as it ought, it will eventually show up as a physical symptom or symptoms within the body. With regards to headaches and migraines this concept can further be explained by too much (fast flowing) Qi in the head area creating an intense pounding or throbbing pain and with too little energy (slow flowing) causing those kinds of headaches that tend to be dull and achy in feel.

reflexology and migraine

There are many underlying reasons and factors why someone’s Qi can be put out of balance. These may include an unhealthy diet, lack of exercise, anxiety and stress and so on….. These factors may then induce tension throughout the body resulting in additional negative effects such as blocked sinuses, stomach disorders, emotional imbalances….

Environmental factors may also effect the energy flow in your body. External climatic factors such as excessive heat or cold, the change of a season and sensory elements such as bright lights, excessive noise and odours have been identified as contributing or causing headaches and migraines. In addition chocolate, alcoholic spirits, wine and cheeses are also commonly associated migraine “triggers”. Therefore a balanced healthy lifestyle without inclusion of too many of these triggers is often recommended.
Avoiding any or all of these triggers while regularly providing your mind and body with a sense of deep relaxation and well being is thought key to significantly reduce the occurrence of experiencing migraines.
A reflexology treatment may help to alleviate some or all of these symptoms, providing pain relief, inducing relaxation and wellbeing and restoring energy levels within the body.
Manipulating the reflex points on the feet may help relieve painful headache and migraine symptoms very quickly whilst also alleviating symptoms in the long term as the body is encouraged back to homeostasis.

fiona cowie reflexology
Within a reflexology treatment, emphasis will be to find energy imbalances and clear them in order to support and promote the body’s natural healing process. Therefore reflexology could be a natural alternative for the relief of headache and migraine pain.
A reflexology treatment may locate sensitivities to pressure throughout the intestines and digestive system as if these are sluggish, intoxication occurs which may then manifest itself as a migraine as may also an overloaded lymphatic system. Specific techniques used in reflexology aim to stimulate the blood flow and nervous circulation to the brain when treating migraines and headaches.
One of the principles of reflexology is to take into account the totality of the body, and treat the underlying

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