Mini Reflexology for Sleep Issues

Did you know that providing yourself with a mini self reflexology session before bed may be a calming, soothing and effective way for you to naturally drift into sleep.
To begin massage your feet with a favourite oil (such as sleep inducing lavender). Massage both feet intuitively (you will know where your feet need the attention) whilst also reconnecting with your often forgotten feet and toes.
Once your feet feel more relaxed and you’ve flittered away the stresses of the day (as much as possible)! Connect with these 4 reflexology points that are commonly used by therapists to help with insomnia.

Reflexology for sleep issues

Reflexology for sleep issues

Brain – (big toe, reverse from nail) gently use your thumb in a caterpillar motion over this entire area to help still the mind and promote a sense of clarity

Neck – (base of big toe) our neck is often where we store tension therefore locate this area to release any tightness

Solar Plexus – (under the ball of foot in centre) pressing directly in this area for 30 seconds, release and repeat. Being our emotional centre, this movement may create an overwhelming sense of relaxation and peace.

Pineal gland – (outer side of big toe) controls our circadian rhythm or in other words our sleep cycle.

If you would like to read more on how reflexology may help when you have difficulty falling asleep the link below may also be of interest.
Sleep well!

Reflexology for sleep issues

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Fiona Cowie

Clinical Reflexologist in Edinburgh
S.N.H.S. Dip (Nutrition)
S.N.H.S. Dip (Herbalism)

reflexology for sleep issues

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