Reflexology and weight loss

reflexology treatment for weigh loss

While maintaining a moderate nutritionally fuelled diet and incorporating physical activity is key to weight loss, did you also know that reflexology treatments may help the process.
Often those who have the desire or medical need to loose weight struggle with the initial changes in lifestyle, often lacking energy, feeling lethargic or sometimes even depressed. For an initial “kick start” to weight loss, reflexology may help address this by helping you feel energised, balanced and focused from the onset.
Making lifestyle changes can be stressful as often we struggle against unhealthy learned behaviours. Many people overeat when they are stressed, therefore by removing some of the anxiety and regulating hormones lessens the physical urge to eat.

reflexology weight loss
Working on the endocrine glands, reflexology balances your hormones and helps calm the body’s reactions to stress.
Pressure points on your feet may be used to trigger a variety of responses within the body that may be conducive to weight loss. For example:

  • Spleen reflex: stimulation of this reflex may reduce hunger pangs.
  • Stomach and pancreas reflexes: allow the body to absorb more nutrients therefore although eating less food, maximum nutritional value is retrieved.
  • Endocrine gland reflexes: (thyroid, pituitary, adrenals)
    Balanced secretion of hormones results in less stress in the body, allowing for a healthy eating plan easier to maintain and follow.
  • Gallbladder reflex: storing bile the gallbladder continually secretes digestive fluid. Bile emulsifies fats of partially digested food thus leading to weight loss.

health reflexology


And so, to supplement your new weight loss programme, reflexology treatments may be a pleasurable option to assist and help you achieve and succeed in meeting your desired goal!

Fiona Cowie
Clinical Reflexologist in Edinburgh


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