Baby reflexology

I’ve often been asked by my ‘mum’ friends whether reflexology could benefit their baby and have enjoyed sharing tips to mums on how with use of reflexology common symptoms that many babies experience can be relieved. Through providing your baby with some gentle reflexology to the feet and toes teething, colic, constipation, colds and respiratory conditions may be alleviated.
Whether your baby, in fact, experiences none or many of these conditions, they will most definitely benefit from the comforting touch reflexology can bring as was evident when my friend Claire brought her little boy Flynn for a treatment.

baby foot massage and reflexology in edinburgh by fiona cowie

Clutching Peter Rabbit for support, Flynn looked a little anxious on arrival and more so when I removed his socks. The treatment began (and in Claire’s words) he was completely mesmerised by what I was doing to his little toes and feet. Claire had come to the session prepared with his favourite rice cakes at hand, fully expecting (as he now crawls) to have had enough after 5minutes or even worse scream and cry.
Rice cakes were saved as Flynn sat for a full half hour just watching. A particular pleasing point for a baby is the solar plexus. See pic below :

fiona cowie reflexologist in edinburgh. Foot massage and reflexology for babies

When I connected with Flynn’s solar plexus, I could tell he instantly felt it as his eyes appeared to say “what did you just do”
The solar plexus is a wonderful reflex (and also my personal favourite). In babies, it may promote calm and reassurance therefore ideal to ease crying and upset babies. Once located this is something that all mums can use to connect, calm and reassure their baby.
If you have found this article interesting I would like to offer mums to BYOB (of course baby)! to Santosa and learn for yourself these specific techniques to then apply at home or whenever your baby requires.

reflexology and foot massage for babies in edinburgh . By fiona cowie clinical reflexologist
Each session will be a small group of 4 mums and babies in order to spend sufficient time with each on an individual basis.
The session will last for 1 1/4 hrs at a cost of £15. Dates and times are flexible. For further information and to book your slot please contact me here,  by phone 07854786513 or by mail
you can also read Claire’s blog here: Style Travel Loves

I look forward to meeting you!

Ps: All Dads Welcome! I’m aware I’ve referred to mums throughout this article, this is purely because I’ve only ever been asked by mums so would be fantastic to see some Dads too!

Fiona Cowie
Clinical Reflexologist in Edinburgh

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