Reflexology: A natural detox ?

January 2020!, and it seems a time where much emphasis is on detoxifying our bodies. If you overindulged during the festive period – made resolutions for a new healthy you – though that hasn’t quite materialised like you’d thought then here’s why a reflexology treatment may help get you back on track.

The 2 main organs particularly important for detoxification are the liver and kidneys. (Followed by the lungs, skin and digestive tract).
Within reflexology, tapping into the lymphatic system has aim to significantly improve circulation which may promote detoxification as well as weight loss.
Read more about reflexology and weight loss here

fiona cowie reflexology edinburgh

Poor lymph circulation may cause unwanted water retention due to the lymph flow “bottling up” which results in a bloated or swollen appearance.
By stimulating the lymphatic system through reflexology techniques, harmful toxins may be flushed from the body as well as aiding the recovery of any tired or sluggish feelings.

fionacowie reflexology edinburgh

After a “detox specific treatment” clients have claimed to feel rejuvenated and cleansed as well as finding a greater sense of clarity and well being.
Therefore reflexology may be an excellent way to cleanse your system naturally whilst afterwards of course drinking lots of water!


Fiona Cowie
Clinical Reflexologist in Edinburgh

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