Fiona’s Health and Wellness ideas: Raw garlic ?

Garlic is known by many as a natural anti-biotic and health remedy used often to treat varying ailments.
It can be an extremely tasty addition to lots of cooked dishes and soups though for some to incorporate it in raw form within our diet is less appealing.
Garlic is thought to contain many medicinal purposes. It’s natural anti-biotic, anti-fungal and anti-viral properties may help guard against infection. Perhaps most commonly known is garlics perceived ability to strengthen and boost the immune system. In addition it may lower cholesterol levels and provide a great source of vitamin B6. (Key for a healthy immune system).

garlic boost the immune system

Raw garlic?

I include raw garlic into my diet almost daily since discovering many years ago cloves could be easily juiced just like fruits and vegetables and added to your favourite juices or smoothies.
Disadvantages are the obvious strong odour (luckily for me I live with a French man who appears oblivious to this)! and always seek advice from your GP before strongly incorporating raw garlic into your diet due to the potential interactions with some medications.
So many reasons (if you don’t already)! to incorporate and enjoy this wonderful root vegetable into your diet!

Garlic juicing for health



Fiona Cowie

Clinical Reflexologist in Edinburgh
S.N.H.S. Dip (Nutrition)
S.N.H.S. Dip (Herbalism)



Fiona’s Health and Wellness ideas: “Detox with Beetroot”

Beetroot is one of my most favourite vegetables and rarely a week will pass without me having incorporated it somewhere in my diet. Thought a powerful, superfood full of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, it is thought beetroot may :
. Boost stamina and endurance
. Fight inflammation
. Lower blood pressure
. Support detoxification
. Provide slow releasing energy
. Improve immune system
. Lower cholesterol
. Improve brain function

Beetroot and wellness

Personally I like to add beetroot in its raw form to salads and soups whenever possible , having become aware that not everyone shares a passion for beetroot an alternative solution to incorporate this wonderful  crimson purple vegetable into your diet is to juice or blend in a simple recipe such as :

2 beetroots
1 carrot
handful blueberries
I inch ginger
1/2 litre coconut water or plant based milk
Mint to garnish


Fiona Cowie
S.N.H.S. Dip (Nutrition)
Clinical Reflexologist in Edinburgh