The Treatment


As our lives have become increasingly busier and demanding this has often lead to a negative effect on our health and wellbeing. Whether it be in the work place or our home life, high stress levels manifest in the body through varying symptoms. These include insomnia, headaches/migraines, stomach/digestive problems, appetite loss/gain, obsessive and worrying thoughts, loss of libido, shoulder/back pain and an overall difficulty to concentrate, learn and remember things.
Many of these symptoms and anxious feelings may be relieved through a reflexology treatment with the intention to induce a deep sense of relaxation within you, reconnect with your emotions, restore and rebalance your energy levels and encourage healing to take place.
“bring the feet to life and the body will heal”

Reflexology is a wonderful unobtrusive therapy with only your shoes/socks being removed. Upon arrival, we will together discuss any presenting conditions/symptoms, your medical background and devise a treatment plan bespoke to your needs with aim to manage anxiety and stress levels.

Although after consultation your unique treatment plan will be formed, Typical reflexology points to focus on when dealing with stress related conditions are:
. Solar plexus, thought a valuable reflex point as a means to control anxiety     symptoms
. Head/brain reflex, with aim to reduce any feelings of being overwhelmed and regain clarity
. Stomach, this reflex when worked may reduce feelings of nausea, “butterflies” appetite fluctuations and may calm down an over active nervous system.
. Adrenals, key indicator of stress levels and when worked may encourage the glands to adjust their production of the stress hormones adrenalin and cortisol.
. Pineal, thought to be the body’s natural sleep/wake cycle and may help with insomnia
. Pituitary, thought to be closely linked to the body’s stress response and may therefore help reduce any anxiety symptoms as well as helping to adjust the body’s response to stress.


The amount of stress a person can handle varies from individual to individual, often stressful situations are unavoidable, and therefore I hope that those who invest in their wellbeing and choose to experience a reflexology self-care treatment will leave feeling rejuvenated with a greater sense of clarity to manage a demanding, productive and busy lifestyle.

Fiona Cowie – 2017

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